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The Non-Flying Dutchman: Dennis Bergkamp. — Hive (1)

This is not a dig about the Dutchman but an admiration due to his immense ability on the ball and rightly so to be labelled a legend. Arsenal fans called him the "Non-Flying Dutchman" due to his fear of flying. There is no doubt about his credibility as a football because he embodied everything a footballer should be about. He adapted so well and transitioned beautifully into every team he has played for. His ability to carry the ball, his technicality and versatility stood out and drew admiration even from opposition teams.

He started as a wide midfielder but his technique on the ball and ability to read the game well made him get moved into the striker role before being moved into the second striker role which he made his own. His control was amazing and he had a good eye for goal. He strikes the ball cleanly too but the goal that stood out for me the most was his game against Newcastle United in the 2001/2002 season - March 2nd, 2002 to be precise, in Arsenal colours. It was called the Pirouette goal by many and what a goal that was. He received the ball cleanly and on a turn, he lost his marker and turned around to get the ball back before slotting the ball into the back of the net, leaving the on-rushing goalkeeper no chance of saving it.

He was an amazing player who knows how to give his best and spur others on. He had an amazing career and Arsenal fans can never forget him which made him get a statue just outside the Emirates Stadium.

He had an interesting career as he started out with his boyhood club, Ajax. He started his youth career from 1981 to 1986 before earning his senior call up in 1986. He played for Ajax for 7 years racking up an impressive 185 appearances, scoring 103 goals. This drew admiration from Inter Milan who had him for 2 years between 1993 to 1995 seasons.

No doubt, he had an underwhelming performance with the Italian outfit due to injuries, fatigue and lack of form in the two years he used with them. He rejuvenated his career with Arsenal and what a remarkable record he set with the Gunners. He didn't just warm his way into the heart of the fans, he spent an amazing 11 seasons with Arsenal, raking up 315 appearances and scoring 87 goals with 94 assists in the Premier League.

He wasn't just able to form partnerships with others around him but he knows how to make others better by picking out their runs and making runs for others. He formed a good partnership with Ian Wright but the most talked-about partnership was with Thierry Henry. They were both devastating and amazing duo for Arsenal. Ian Wright and Thierry Henry both praised the Dutchman because they recognized his ability on the ball, the giftedness of his technical ability and his flair on the ball. He made others look better and in a single season, Thierry Henry racked up 20 assists, a record he still holds high up there as the most in a single season which was in the 2002/2003 season.

Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp both played together for 7 seasons when Arsenal was still at the Highbury where they won 3 FA Cups and 2 Premier League titles which one of them was the famous invincible season; they went the whole season unbeaten.

Dennis Bergkamp earned my admiration and his ability was known more when he picked up the Arsenal Jersey. It takes a lot to admire an opposing player but Dennis Bergkamp earned my respect with his ability, leadership and giftedness. He was easily liked by all because you could see his abilities on the ball and his sheer desire to win.

With 3 Premier League titles and 4 FA Cup trophies under his belt, Arsenal fans would do anything to roll back the years to have Dennis Bergkamp in his prime for this Arsenal side, to inject his technical ability, leadership qualities and his wonderful eyes for goal. There is no doubt, Dennis Bergkamp is a legend for Arsenal and even for the Premier League. A goldfish cannot hide and that's was why his abilities were obvious for all to see, even from opposition teams who didn't have to like him but he did so well for them to respect him.

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The Non-Flying Dutchman: Dennis Bergkamp. — Hive (2024)


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