Can YOU find the one-eyed Jack in this deck of cards? (2024)

This is the latest online puzzle sure to leave you scratching your head.

Internet users have been challenged with finding the single one-eyed Jack concealed in this scattered deck of colourful cards.

The brainteaser will prove especially tricky as the card is hidden among other Jacks, Kings and Queens of all suits.

Scroll down for reveal

Keep your eye peeled: There is a single one-eyed Jack hidden in this scattered deck of cards but only the most eagle-eyed will be able to pick it out

A quick glance might not reveal where the Jack is hidden, but take a closer look at the cards beneath the top layer and you might have more luck.

The Jack of Spades is in fact tucked away behind a Queen and Jack of Hearts, towards the left-hand side of the puzzle.

The Jack of Spades is one of three 'one-eyed royals' in a standard deck of cards.


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The faces of the Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts and King of Diamonds are all shown in profile, so only one eye is visible. All other face cards show two eyes.

They are frequently used as wildcards in games of draw poker.

Spotted: The card is tucked away behind a Queen and a Jack of Hearts on the left of the frame

The brainteaser was created by manager Greg Tatton-Brown said: 'We’ve got lots of card games on our site – but nothing quite like this.

'The one-eyed Jack is often used as a wildcard in games, and the one we’ve hidden away is definitely wild.'

Those who consider themselves particularly good at puzzles might also want to try this offering byPlaybuzz, which asksusers to spot all six words hidden in the sketch of a skating rink.

In a new brainteaser shared by Playbuzz users are asked to spot all six words hidden in the sketch of a skating rink

While the premise seems relatively simple the lettering of the words is near identical to the pencil strokes in the picture.

And with ten children featured in the drawing the busy scene makes it even harder to seek out the words.

However, those with a sharp eye should be able to pick out the word 'see' in the bottom right hand corner of the picture which was original drawn byHighlights.

Only those with a keen eye will be able to spot all of the words in the busy winter scene

Once one word is found several more should emerge to the viewer with 'cut' hidden in the windows of a tower block, 'now' in a boys yellow scarf and 'man' in one of the bushes.

The final two words can be spotted on two children in the left hand side of the scene with 'cool' hidden in a girl's blonde curls and 'tell' on a boy's green jumper.

This is just the latest brainteaser to leave the Internet scratching its head with vintage puzzles proving increasingly popular.

It is claimed that only one per cent of the population will be able to spot the hidden assassin in this vintage illustration

A recent image, posted to Playbuzz, features a man drawing a gun as he prepares to engage in a duel, while a group of bystanders look on - but where is his adversary?

The opponent will soon need to reveal himself so that the action can begin, but for the time being he remains invisible.

It's even more difficult to see him blending into the background because of the black and sepia toned image.

The man is in fact on the right hand side of the photograph nestled discreetly between two trees where he blends into the background

Were you able to spot him in the illusion 'Question of Honour', or was he too well hidden?

It is said that only one in eight highly perceptive people can spot the fox in another optical illusion to baffle the internet.

The picture posted onPlaybuzz, features a gaggle of geese standing under a tree, unaware that a fox is lurking nearby and getting ready to pounce.

Over 2,000 people have taken on the challenge of finding the fox, and 70 percent claim to have spotted him, but can you?

The fox is in fact between the branches of the trees, looming above the geese underneath.

He is so much larger than the birds below that once you spot him you will wonder how you ever missed him.

The fox, when outlined, can be seen clearly hiding between the branches and preparing himself to pounce on the geese below

Can YOU find the one-eyed Jack in this deck of cards? (2024)


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