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Anna Maria Island is ideal for seniors looking for a relaxing and enjoyable trip. The pristine beaches and nice weather make it a great place to stay. Along with that, there are many activities for seniors visiting Anna Maria Island.

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7 Activities For Seniors Visiting Anna Maria Island

Stroll Along the Beach

A stroll along AMI’s beaches can be enjoyable for people of all ages. People love the beach views and crisp sea air. There are also many beaches on the island, offering different experiences.

Explore the Anna Maria Island Historical Society Museum

The Anna Maria Island Historical Society Museum is a must-see for history lovers. This museum presents the island’s rich history through objects, images, and displays. Seniors can immerse themselves in the island’s history and better understand its charm.

Embark on a Nature Tour

Anna Maria Island has various outdoor spaces and ecosystems. Seniors can take guided nature trips to learn more about the island’s natural spaces. These excursions allow you to get in touch with nature and learn more about the island.


Seniors who love a laid-back ocean day will find fishing a popular sport on Anna Maria Island. There are various fishing options on AMI. You can try pier fishing, shoreline fishing, and charter a boat for deep-sea fishing.

Visit the Anna Maria Island Art League

Seniors can develop their artistic side at the Anna Maria Island Art League. The league holds art shows, workshops, and classes for people of all skill levels and interests. Painting, pottery making, and other artistic pursuits are available to seniors.

Take a Scenic Trolley Ride

Thanks to the Anna Maria Island Trolley, seniors can explore the island at their leisure. Get on the trolley and travel by different neighborhoods or find shops and places to eat. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience the island’s distinctive personality without driving.

Enjoy Local Cuisine

AMI has many great places to grab a bite to eat. You can find food to suit the tastes of anyone. There are even places that offer tables overlooking the sea. You’ll also find some of the best seafood on Anna Maria Island.

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Activities for Seniors Visiting Anna Maria - Oliver Giesser Realtor® (2024)


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